UPDATE: Pakistan: Letter to UN Special Rapporteurs Urging Action Against Martial Law

WLUML's letter to UN Special Rapporteurs and UN Human Rights Bodies expresses our alarm and grave concern regarding the mass arrests, ill-treatment and flagrant violations of the human rights of members of the judiciary, the legal profession and civil society that is currently taking place in Pakistan. We urge them to appeal to General Musharraf to restore the constitution, the judiciary, the media, and to end all arrests and violence against peaceful protests.
Since General Pervaiz Musharraf’s imposition of emergency rule on 3 November 2007 there have been daily reports of judges, lawyers, activists, opposition figures and general citizens being arbitrarily and, we believe, unlawfully detained under provisions that allow detention without charge or trial, held incommunicado and at risk of maltreatment, and even torture, by government security forces.