UPDATE: Malaysia: SIS welcomes withdrawal of appeal by Malaysian Assembly of Mosque Youth

Sisters in Islam

Sisters in Islam (SIS) welcomes the withdrawal of the appeal by Dewan Pemuda Masjid Malaysia (Malaysian Assembly of Mosque Youth, MAMY) against the High Court decision to strike off MAMY’s application for a court order to stop SIS from using its pen-name, ‘Sisters in Islam’. SIS maintains its position on the importance of civil dialogue to address differences of opinions in any democratic society, and remains concerned over the use of police reports and frivolous suits as intimidation tactics to silence progressive voices. Update to Malaysia: Sisters in Islam get to keep name

The continuing struggle by SIS and other civil society organizations for freedom of expression shows how far Malaysia has yet to go before the nation can hold its head high as a leader in the Muslim world. SIS hopes this victory will only be one of many that will show the way towards the realization of justice and equality for all.

Ratna Osman

Acting Executive Director

Sisters in Islam