“IRAN/death penalty: A state terror policy”

FIDH’s report documents and denounces the use of death penalty in Iran as part of a state policy of general repression aimed at creating a climate of terror among the population. The report was partially financed by the European Union. From pages 39 through 45 the paper discussing stoning in detail, including the following subjects: recent cases of stoning, pending stoning sentences, alternative methods of execution, bill for amendment of Islamic Penal Code (IPC) does not abolish stoning, discrimination against women, and table listing stoning sentences and executions, 1980 – 2009 (March.) The paper takes a primarily human rights based approach to argue recommendations to the Iranian authorities (both on the death penalty in general as well as the administration of justice), the international community, and the European Union. They conclude that stoning violates a number of Iran’s human rights obligations.

International Federation for Human Rights