“Violence Against Girls in Sudan”

This report focuses on the linkage between gender and violence against girls in Sudan. Attention is given to the manner in which gender and age shape the form of violence, the circumstances in which this violence occurs and its consequences. The report places particular emphasis on domestic violence, early marriages, female genital mutilation, slavery, forced labour and trafficking of girls, violence by the state and violence against girls in the context of the armed conflict. An annex containing urgent appeals on violence against women distributed by the International Secretariat of OMCT has also been included. Although these urgent appeals concern women aged over 18, OMCT believes that these cases are illustrative of a pattern of systematic violence against both women and girls in Sudan.

Benninger-Budel, Carin and Joanna Bourke-Martignoni
Publisher and location: 
World Organisation Against Torture: Geneva
Source publication: 
Violence Against Women: 10 Reports/Year 2002, pg. 197-248