Sisters in Islam (SIS) began in a living room with a group of women who got together to study the Quran because they were concerned about the oppression women faced in the name of Islam.
Recent workshops conducted by WLP’s partners in Morocco and Nigeria have led to a number of new initiatives for women’s rights advocacy and conflict resolution.
The Women's Learning Partnership (WLP) announce a Hausa Edition of their leadership handbook.
L’invocation du respect des valeurs culturelles et religieuses sert de prétexte aux décideurs de part de d’autre de la Méditerranée pour justifier leur manque de volonté dans le domaine de l’égalité des genres.
Second Session of the ESCWA Committee on Women.
We would like to call to your attention the need for women's groups and women's rights advocates to continue advocating for the inclusion of independent feminist experts in the CEDAW Committee.
Amidst growing turmoil, insecurities, and crises caused by neo-liberal globalization, war, militarisms and extremisms, as these interplay with persistent patriarchy, several hundred women from the Asia Pacific region gathered Thailand.
Au Sommet sur les Sexes et les Medias, militants, professionnels des médias et décideurs d'Afrique australe élaboreront des stratégies régionales pour corriger les disparités entre hommes et femmes dans les medias.
An International Leadership Conference to promote women and girls' inclusion and active participation in leadership in Africa and the African Diaspora.
لَقِّم المحتوى