"Hundreds of children fearing for their lives have called a new national helpline set up to assist victims of forced marriages since its launch four months ago, The Independent has learnt."
A devout Shia Muslim has been given a suspended prison sentence for forcing two boys to beat themselves during a religious ceremony.
The Muslim Institute, Britain’s foremost Muslim think-tank, is to launch a new standard marriage contract (nikah) for British Muslims wishing to marry under Muslim law. To download the marriage contract please see attachment.
"In the rush to be tolerant or sensitive to religious difference, the space is created for the most reactionary and even fundamentalist religious leaders to take control."
The Church of England's decision to remove the legal blocks stopping women being ordained as bishops is a move welcomed by many, but critics argue this could threaten the future existence of the Anglican Church.
"the time has come when we must begin to look at the philosophical roots of fundamentalism in Muslim societies."
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown writes, "Like everyone, we are creatures of many parts. But we are not allowed such complexities."
Masters' programme in "Gender, Sexualities and Ethnic Studies", starting September 2008 at the University of East London, Docklands Campus.
The Conflict, Security and Development Group at King's College London announces a call for applications for Peace & Security Fellowships for African women. Click to download more information.
"Muslim sex offenders may be allowed to opt out of a prison treatment programme because it is against their religion, it has emerged."
لَقِّم المحتوى