The workshop was designed to exchange information, knowledge and experience in the area of sexual and bodily rights and thus provide a broader regional framework for the ongoing efforts.
Turkish legislators are moving to ban virginity tests for women and introducing jail term for those who carry out such examinations without legal permission.
Turkish state universities have the right to ban Muslim headscarves, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg has ruled.
The restrictions take place as official community councils, or makhallas, take on a growing role in providing religious counseling and education to Uzbek believers.
43 homosexuels marocains (33 hommes et 10 femmes) ont été interpellés à l’occasion d’une fête d’anniversaire. Les islamistes en appellent à l’intransigeance de la justice. Contactez le comité de soutien:
A study of the life circumstances and lived experiences of female and male non-heterosexual Muslims of Asian descent by Dr Andrew Yip (2003).
WLUML networker Homa Hoodfar contributes to this book which contains research and commentary on the conditions, issues, debates, and discourse on the hijab in North America and specifically in Canada.
Fatou Sow, Claude Abati and Wassyla Tamzali discuss the current issues of the debate surrounding the banning of headscarves in French schools.
The bill imposes stiff penalties which include up to 25 years imprisonment for those in gay relationships.
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