300 000 turcs dans la rue pour défendre la laïcité de leur Etat
"Sur fond de rumeurs sur des projets de coup d'Etat provoqué par des militaires, le chef d'état-major de l'armée turque est sorti jeudi de sa réserve habituelle pou souhaiter que le président qui sera élu le mois prochain soit un défenseur de la laïcité."
Pelin Esmer raconte l’aventure de cette pièce, de ces villageoises sur les planches, avec un humour et une tendresse qui touchent immanquablement les publics les plus variés.
A United Nations envoy has arrived in Turkey to investigate a reported surge in the number of young women committing suicide.
More than 15,000 Turks, from students to judges still in their robes, marched in the capital to support secularism and to condemn a courtroom shooting that killed one judge and wounded four others.
*Lambdaistanbul LGBT Initiative,* started some research, whose results were brought together in a book entitled *"Neither Wrong Nor Alone!"* in 2005.
WLUML is very concerned about reports of attempts by the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) to influence and control bodies such as the EU and UN.
The new entrepreneurialism sweeping across Anatolia province is providing an unlikely catalyst for a remarkable religious transformation.
A concise overview of the new legal status of women in Turkey in light of recent legal changes. Women see new gains across many areas ranging from domestic violence to political participation & from sexual rights to women's right to economic independence.
لَقِّم المحتوى