An anti-immigrant current is sweeping EU.
A women's fact-finding panel that toured Ahmedabad and six riot-ravaged Gujarat districts said that the pattern of violence against Muslims there ''clearly indicates genocide''.
Call for a National Campaign For Defence of the Indian Constitution.
Eitam a été nommé, lundi 8 avril, au cabinet de sécurité israélien: "J’entre au gouvernement pour qu’Ariel Sharon ne s’arrête pas au milieu du gué".
An Independent Fact Finding Mission.
Pamphlets that try to whip up passion and set one community against the other are in circulation in the violence-torn Gujarat according to the state’s intelligence bureau.
People's Union for Civil Liberties have published an interim report of women's experiences and perspectives related to communal violence following the Godhra incident.
WLUML est particulièrement bien placé pour identifier les forces politiques d'extrème droite qui se camouflent sous les revendications religieuses ou ethniques, ainsi que leurs effets dévastateurs sur les forces progressistes et sur les femmes.
The implications for the region and beyond are grave, but it's not too late for a counter-revolution.
لَقِّم المحتوى