Through WLUML networkers, the Algerian 'Collectif des familles de disparus' (CFDA) and the OMCT, we have learned of the unfair dismissal of Ms. Cherifa Kheddar from her position of employment at the prefecture of Blida. Kheddar is the president of the Djazairouna association, a group which defends the victims of terrorism.
Nous avons été informé par le Collectif des familles de disparus en Algérie (CFDA), l'OMCT et les "networkers" du WLUML, du licenciement abusif de Mme Cherifa Kheddar, présidente de l’association Djazairouna, qui défend les droits des victimes du terrorisme.
Please note the following correction for this article: Tahar Djaout, assasinated in 1993, was a male journalist.

Egyptian women's experience of new khol provisions, as discussed in this book, act not only as a future warning for those seeking to expand women's access to divorce in other Muslim contexts. It also confirms what legal rights activists in Pakistan have known for many years since case law firmly established khol as a right available to the wife without the husband's permission in 1967.

Nous avons reçu un appel urgent de l'association "20 ans barakat" - Ile de France, attirant notre attention sur des abus d'autorité contre les femmes, de la part d'officiers d'état civil algériens.
We have received news that on 3 January 2005, thanks to a large national and international mobilization of women's organisations, justice was done.
Nous venons de reçevoir une requète pour une action IMMEDIATE, pour faire pression sur le gouvernement algérien de façon à ce que justice soit rendue dans un procès qui doit avoir lieu le 28 Décembre 2004. Le procès aura lieu à Biskra.
We have received a request for IMMEDIATE pressure to be applied on the Algerian Government to ensure justice in a case that comes up for hearing on 28 December 2004. The trial is to take place in Biskra.
لَقِّم المحتوى