Scores of Egyptian women demonstrated in Cairo against sexual harassment on Thursday in response to reports that gangs of young men attacked women in the street at random and groped them last month.
The hijab survived the controversy it once generated because it is a milder form of modesty. Allow me to mention that our mothers and sisters didn't feel the need to wrap their heads or cover their faces and still maintained their modesty in public.
Egyptian women are the first in the Middle East to have gained the right to unilateral divorce through a procedure called khul. This article in the ISIM Review explores how cartoons and films now depict khul in a negative way.
Activists and experts working on women’s rights issues warned of the dangers of a general lack of information regarding urfi marriage, a phenomenon that is becoming increasingly common in Egypt.
On June 7-8, 2006, partners from 6 African countries and the UK met to prepare a plan to fight FGM and early marriage at the international conference on "FGM and Early Marriage from the Religious and Legal Perspectives."
On this first anniversary of Egypt's Black Referendum Day, we remember the abuses of freedom, the assault and sexual harassment of female journalists and activists who believe in the ideals of freedom, democracy and political reform in Egypt.
لَقِّم المحتوى