She ran from the table and locked herself in the bathroom. He had had no idea, he said later, weeping out loud, that what she was doing was climbing out the window.

I remember going to their apartment the day after her death for ‘aza (condolence). She had survived for only a few moments on the pavement, a crowd forming round her as she moaned in great pain, and then had died, no one she knew at her side. She was buried the same day. She was forty-two.
Human rights organisations had little to celebrate on this year's Human Rights Day, writes Mariz Tadros.
Human Rights Watch honours outspoken rights activist Aida Seif El-Dawla for her work. She spoke with Amira Howeidy before the ceremony in New York.
Nearly 700 people with Egyptian mothers and foreign fathers have recently become Egyptian citizens.
As feminists and NGO advocates celebrated the legal recognition of the New Woman Research Centre, Mariz Tadros discovers the battle is far from over.
Deux victimes tentent de lutter contre cette pratique très répandue, bien qu'illégale.
لَقِّم المحتوى