The Islamic affairs ministry is about to hand out diplomas of Murshid (religious guides) to 50 women and 150 men who attended an annual course to become imams.
Under current law, Ehtimad Bensallah's children cannot obtain Moroccan citizenship because nationality is conferred by fathers and her children's father is a foreigner.
Moroccan King Mohammed VI is using a tolerant interpretation of the Koran in an attempt to modernize his country. Will it become a model state?
Morocco is about to join the short list of Arab countries that enable both parents to confer citizenship on their children. Activists are still pressing to eliminate exceptions in the proposed law.
Le roi Mohammed VI a décidé de conférer à l'enfant le droit d'obtenir la nationalité marocaine de sa mère,
Dans le cadre de la série de rencontres que nous avons faites avec des responsables et autres personnalités au sujet des projets et autres chantiers du règne de S.M. Mohammed VI ...
لَقِّم المحتوى