Violence against women

On February 22, 2007, the Ghanaian Parliament passed the long awaited Domestic Violence Act. Although the original bill specifically prohibited marital rape, parliament bowed to public pressure and removed the provision.
Traditional leaders in Zimbabwe's Masvingo Province, in the southeast of the country, are partnering with gender activists in a bid to curb domestic violence.
"Before this breast band, my mother used the grinding stone—heated in the fire—to massage my chest. Every night my mother examines my chest (and) massages me, sometimes with the pestle." - Josaine Matia, 11 years old (Yaounde, Cameroon).
An Attack on a PACE Flag – An Attack on Women Defenders of Human Rights
The murder of 16-year-old Zahra al-Azzo prompts rights activists, lawyers and the media to speak out against so-called crimes of honour.
A mother and son were today jailed for life at the Old Bailey for their part in an "honour" killing.
Until last year, Swazi women were legally regarded as minors.
Jordanian officials have joined hands with the private sector to fight violence against women, launching a 5-year project that will attempt to rectify misconceptions about this phenomenon and provide aid to victims, say women rights activists.
This report on violence against women in Egypt shows 247 women were killed during the first half of 2007.
An interview with Imam Cheick Mohamad Diallo.
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