Violence against women

In her report, Professor Yakin Ertürk, noted that recent surveys reveal that violence against women is a major concern in Algeria in both the home and the public space. However, this serious human rights concern remains largely invisible.
A 2006 government survey found that 96 percent of Egyptian women who've been married have undergone some sort of genital mutilation and that nearly 70 percent of schoolgirls expected to be cut by the time they turn 18.
This edition of Forced Migration Review (FMR) explores the challenges and opportunities for combating sexual violence in conflict, post-conflict and development recovery contexts.
Shirin Ebadi talks about the fact that the Iranian government accuses social groups of damaging the international prestige of Islamic systems if they argue about issues such as death by stoning.
Scores of women and children have been separated from their families or wounded in fighting between Somali government forces and remnants of the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC), sources said.
Women have been special targets of communalist ideology and communalist violence.
Shaima left her violent husband and married a man she loved. They lived happily, but after a few years the police came after her - adultery is illegal in Afghanistan - demanding 4,000 afghanis (£42) in exchange for her freedom.
Colleagues at Shirkat Gah, WLUML Asia regional coordination office have been monitoring the situation and have confirmed that they have made efforts to meet with staff from the university departments involved and that the female student is now reported missing. There has been no further news on the incident and despite letters being sent to the judiciary and the university authorities, this case does not have a positive outcome. However, many thanks to those of you who responded.
لَقِّم المحتوى