Violence against women

Reports of Radhika Coomaraswamy, Special Rappporteur on violence against women.
Protest against the threats and intimidation unleashed on women activists of the social work organisation SANGRAM and the prostitutes collective VAMP (Veshya AIDS Mukabla Parishad) by the Nippani Circle Inspector of Police Satish Khot and the Shiv Sena corporator of Nippani.
Alors que la cour d'appel de Sokoto a levé, lundi 25 mars, toutes les charges pesant contre Safiya Husaini, une Nigériane condamnée à la lapidation pour adultère, une nouvelle condamnation pour des faits identiques vient d'être révélée.
Une Cour d'appel islamique a ajourné lundi, au 25 mars, le jugement dans l'affaire de la Nigériane Safiya Husaini, qui a fait appel d'une décision de justice la condamnant à la peine de mort par lapidation pour adultère.
Recalling that women’s rights are human rights, we, the Special Rapporteurs, reaffirm our commitment to international standards of women’s rights.
The Turkish Government has rescinded a controversial law that allowed school girls suspected of having pre-marital sex to be given virginity tests.
While reports of the Taliban’s involvement in the trafficking of Afghan women was long reported by Afghan refugees fleeing Afghanistan during the Taliban’s rule, more detailed and numerous accounts continue to emerge.
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