Radical Islamists have launched a new magazine publication on the internet especially for women.
An international conference on female genital mutilation has ended in Kenya with a fresh call to ban the practice.
Pour la santé des femmes, pour la santé du monde: Non plus de violence
DAWN is a network of women scholars and activists from the economic South who engage in feminist research and analysis of the global environment and are committed to working for economic justice, gender justice and democracy.
For women who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and/or queer, and who are identified ethnically or culturally with the Arab world, regardless of where they live.
Political correctness has yet to stem the public use of language that reinforces very false ideas about Muslim people and Muslim contexts.
Women's Initiatives for Gender Justice highlight the appointment of women to key positions within the International Criminal Court.
Events in Iraq have shown that a war cannot be prosecuted against terrorists without giving some thought to what motivates new recruits to the terror cause.
We would like to call to your attention the need for women's groups and women's rights advocates to continue advocating for the inclusion of independent feminist experts in the CEDAW Committee.
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