But it is quite ironical that though fundamentalist forces have been systematically rehabilitated and encouraged through the two military governments it is through their participation in the pro-democratic movement and the support which they gave to a democratically elected government of 1991, that they emerged stronger than before.
I often wondered what kept many of my compatriots from knowing some of the true heroes in their own midst. Is it because we are less enthusiastic about knowing the achievements of a fellow citizen than finding about their scandals?
Don't get me wrong. I understand as well as anyone the need to assert one's religious identity. There are times when you want -- when you demand -- to stand up and be counted.
It is with the greatest sadness and profound shock that we are informing you that our dear friend Salma Sobhan of Bangladesh has died.
Religious fanaticism must be countered effectively.
In the last few months, the Ahmadiyya (Qadiani) community in Bangladesh has been subjected to repeated assaults on its mosques in several places and on individual members of the community.
Depuis ces derniers mois la communauté Ahmadiyya du Bangladesh a vu plusieurs de ses membres et ses mosquées faire l’objet d’attaques répétées dans plusieurs endroits différents.
Bangladeshi activists have been campaigning to stop the nomination of Salahuddin Quader Chowdhury, Special Adviser to the PM.
A three-day 'South Asia Court of Women on the Violence of Trafficking begins on August 11.
Le projet de loi (Private Member's Bill) du député Farida Rahman, portant sur une proposition d'amendement à la section V1 du décret sur le code de la famille musulman de 1961 a suscité beaucoup de discussions, en raison de son caractère peu conventionnel et controversé. Ce sont surtout des groupes de femmes activistes qui ont manifesté un grand intérêt. Le projet de loi pose toute la question des droits des femmes d'intérêt général. Nous publions donc aujourd'hui un article critique et serions heureuses de recevoir d'autres contributions, pour ou contre la motion.
لَقِّم المحتوى