Maryam Maruf talks to Jafar Panahi, acclaimed director of "Offside" (2006), a black comedy about a group of Iranian female football fans who are banned from watching a live World Cup game. Plus watch two exclusive film clips.
Iranian-American scholar arbitrarily detained and subjected to coercive interrogation.
Incommunicado detention of and judicial proceedings against several Iranian-American citizens including Dr. Haleh Esfiandiari, director of the Middle East programme at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington DC. Dr. Esfiandiari was arrested in Tehran on 8th May 2007 after being summoned for questioning by Ministry of Intelligence officials and was taken to section 209 of Evin prison, where she was allowed one call to inform her relatives that she had been jailed. Dr. Esfandiari is also a well-known advocate of dialogue between the US and Iranian governments.
L'Irano-Américaine Haleh Esfandiari est accusée d'atteinte à la sécurité nationale iranienne.
When asked about Zeinab’s bail, her father Peyqambarzadeh explained that court officials did not even discuss the issue of bail with him. “They only told me to leave and didn’t allow me any visits with my daughter either. They were angry and shouted a lot and told me that they have reactivated Zeinab’s previous criminal charge [for when she was arrested on the metro for distributing pamphlets about the Campaign]”. Zeinab’s father explained further that he worries for his daughter’s safety because they won’t tell him what they are going to do. "Is it a crime to ask for a written summons?" he asks.
Une enquête par Pascale Bourgaux et Fery Malek-Madani
Zeinab Peyqambarzadeh, an active youth member of the “One Million Signatures” campaign, was arrested yesterday for her participation in a peaceful protest on March 4. She reported to the Revolutionary Court after receiving a summons, where she was then arrested and transferred to Evin prison. Her father and lawyer attempted to post the set bail of 20 million toumans (about $27,000), but the court refused to accept the bail and would not authorize Peyqambarzadeh’s release.
Comme chaque année, avec les beaux jours, les autorités iraniennes lancent une campagne contre les femmes qui ne respectent pas à la lettre le code islamique en vigueur. Exemple en images de l'arrestation musclée d'une "rebelle".
Le chef de la justice iranienne, l'ayatollah Mahmoud Hachémi Chahroudi, a critiqué la campagne actuelle de la police contre les femmes mal voilées, a rapporté mardi la presse iranienne.
لَقِّم المحتوى