Giuliana Sgrena, 57 ans, Italienne. Journaliste du «Manifesto» et militante féministe. Otage un mois à Bagdad, elle n'est pas encore sortie du drame qui a ensanglanté sa délivrance.
A growing number of Iraqi women are falling prey to insurgents killing those in prominent positions.
Suppose, as a result of George W. Bush's decision to go to war there, that Iraq turns into Iran? Just what do we do then?
Police said they believed the women had been accused by a religious movement of being prostitutes, and were not killed for political reasons.
WLUML is relieved to learn of the release of Giuliana Sgrena but concerned about reports that her car was fired on by US forces leaving her injured and a negotiator dead.
Three Islamist groups have issued statements saying that one of the reasons they wish to disrupt Iraq’s elections is to prevent Iraq “becoming homosexual” and the wave of violence against women continues.
Les femmes entrent en force au premier Parlement sorti des urnes à l’issue des premières élections irakiennes générales en plus de cinquante ans ...
Iraqi women must have an active role in shaping the future of their country and Iraqi authorities must take effective measures to protect women and to change discriminatory legislation that encourages violence against them.
A coalition of Shia religious parties has won the Iraq election, taking almost half the votes and raising the spectre of Islamic law finding its way into the country's new constitution.
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