The polygamous communities of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) - a branch of Mormonism - have openly practiced forced and underage marriages, incest, and abuse for decades. Under the clause of 'religious freedoms', however, this practice has been permitted to continue in the Canadian province of British Columbia and lengthy court cases have been further delayed by repeated appointments of special investigators.
Mohamed Sifaoui, journaliste, écrivain et réalisateur Algérien exilé en France a été violemment agressé par des islamistes à Paris le vendredi 13 juin. Motif? Son inlassable et courageux combat contre les intégristes et pour la laïcité. Depuis 2003 il bénéficiait d'une protection policière mais depuis 6 mois elle le lui a été retirée.
Six leaders of a group managing the Baha'i community's religious and administrative affairs in Iran were arrested at their homes by officers from the Ministry of Intelligence on 14 May 2008, and are now detained in Evin Prison in Tehran. A seventh person, acting secretary for the group, Mahvash Sabet, has been in detention since 5 March. The Baha'i community has long been persecuted by the Iranian government, especilly since the Iranian Revolution.
The following is an update on the situation in the Kanchanpur district of Nepal where women human rights defender Laxmi Bohara was murdered by her husband and mother-in-law. Further women activists are now being threatened and attacked.
BAOBAB for Women’s Human Rights has issued an alert regarding the “Bill for an Act to Prohibit and Punish Public Nudity, Sexual Intimidation and Other Related Offences in Nigeria”.
"In the latest killing, or at least the latest to come to public attention, Kurdistan Aziz was 16 years old when she escaped her family with a man she knew they would not accept, and courageously following the ancient tradition of 'radu kauten' they eloped together to Arbil, the capital city of Iraqi Kurdistan. They planned to start a life together. But her father had other ideas for her; not of love, happiness or choice but that she must die for this rebellion against the patriarchal order.
On June 12th, the occasion of the National Day of Solidarity of Iranian Women, nine women’s rights activists were arrested outside of the Rahe Abrisham Gallery just prior to a small, peaceful assembly planned to commemorate the day.
Mme Cherifa Kheddar a reçu un arreté du Wali (prefet) signé du 31 mai dans lequel on lui signifie qu'elle est dessaisie du poste supérieur (ne pas confondre avec cadre supérieur): elle garde son poste d'administrateur mais elle est rétrogradée puisque son poste budgétaire a été supprimée; de ce fait son salaire va être amputée (la fiche de paie ne lui est pas encore parvenu et nous attendons le virement de son salaire).
Through WLUML networkers, the Algerian 'Collectif des familles de disparus' (CFDA) and the OMCT, we have learned of the unfair dismissal of Ms. Cherifa Kheddar from her position of employment at the prefecture of Blida. Kheddar is the president of the Djazairouna association, a group which defends the victims of terrorism.
Nous avons été informé par le Collectif des familles de disparus en Algérie (CFDA), l'OMCT et les "networkers" du WLUML, du licenciement abusif de Mme Cherifa Kheddar, présidente de l’association Djazairouna, qui défend les droits des victimes du terrorisme.
لَقِّم المحتوى