Authorities in Saudi Arabia have defended a judicial sentence of 200 lashes for a rape victim.
A judge in Saudi Arabia has ordered a victim of gang rape to receive 200 lashes - more than double her original sentence for being alone with a man who was not a relative - after she appealed against the lenient sentences given to the men who attacked her
Saudi woman punished for being alone with a man; Lawyer specialising in women's rights suspended
Maha Akeel asks, "at what age and under what circumstances does the system and society recognize a woman as a responsible, independent adult who can make her own decision and choices and have full rights as a citizen?"
Recently, a Saudi woman filed for divorce because her husband had removed her veil while she was sleeping.
Le grand mufti d’Arabie saoudite a vivement critiqué lundi les islamistes saoudiens se rendant à l’étranger au nom du jihad (guerre sainte), estimant que leur action était préjudiciable à l’islam.
A group of Saudi women plan to give a petition to the government asking to be allowed to drive cars. The organizers say the petition would be sent to the government on Sept. 23, the Saudi National Day.
Security officers at the gates of Riyadh's Diplomatic Quarter (DQ) are turning back Saudi females who are not accompanied by their male guardians.
A Nigerian convert to Islam was jailed in Saudi Arabia after he helped a sick 63-year-old woman and was then accused by religious police of immoral behaviour, a newspaper reported on Monday [August 6].
"Muslim scholars should speak out to enlighten the faithful about the true teachings of Islam and promote Islamic principles of peace, tolerance and moderation in order to allow Muslims to coexist peacefully with the rest of the world."
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