A Nigerian woman and co-ordinator of BAOBAB for Women's Human Rights, Ayesha Imam has been selected as this year's John Humphrey Freedom Award recipient for her work in support of women's rights whether under Muslim, secular, or customary laws.
The legislature is set to pass a law banning female genital mutilation and imposing a two year jail term for offenders.
An Islamic court in northern Nigeria has sentenced a man to death by stoning for the crime of rape.
Muslim leaders in Nigeria say they have introduced Sharia law in a southern state for the first time.
A Sharia court in Nigeria has upheld the appeal of a Muslim woman who had been convicted of adultery under Islamic law and sentenced to death by stoning.
Alors que la cour d'appel de Sokoto a levé, lundi 25 mars, toutes les charges pesant contre Safiya Husaini, une Nigériane condamnée à la lapidation pour adultère, une nouvelle condamnation pour des faits identiques vient d'être révélée.
Le gouvernement fédéral du Nigeria a déclaré, jeudi, contraire à la Constitution la loi islamique appliquée dans une douzaine d'Etats du nord du pays.
The federal government of Nigeria has declared that the strict implementation of Sharia law is illegal under the country's constitution.
Une Cour d'appel islamique a ajourné lundi, au 25 mars, le jugement dans l'affaire de la Nigériane Safiya Husaini, qui a fait appel d'une décision de justice la condamnant à la peine de mort par lapidation pour adultère.
Safiya Husaini, convicted of adultery and sentenced to death by stoning by an Islamic court in Nigeria, must wait a further week to know the outcome of her appeal.
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