The authors argue that the patterns of inheritance and succession, particularly under intestate estate under customary law in Nigeria, have almost as many variations as there are ethnic groups in the country, and many of the variations are discriminatory in practice. The law of succession and inheritance reflects Nigeria's plural legal system. Indigenous customary law developed rules of inheritance for intestacy through the traditional canon of descent, as adapted over the years to changes in the society and the rule of natural justice as applied by the courts.

This is a blog about Josephine and the work of her organization Human Angle which promotes couples to write a will so that widows and their children do not lose their right to property on the death of husbands / fathers.  This link includes a you tube interview with Josephine.

Women’s rights NGO and other stakeholders have formulated an action plan that aims to promote women’s access to land and housing as well as other property and inheritance rights.

This documents refers to the fact that marriage in Nigeria take place under three legal systems, but however even when couples marry under statutory law, customary law generally prevails. Levirate marriage where “ family member inherits a married woman whose husband is dead continues to be practices under various customary law systems in Nigeria.

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