“Family law in contemporary Muslim contexts: triggers and strategies for change”

This paper explores the demand for positive change in family and for the protection of rights, illustrating ways in which equality and justice in the Muslim family have become increasingly possible. The paper concentrates on developments in the last four decades. During this period, two forces have emerged that have particularly focused on family laws: women’s collective action on the one hand, and on the other, religious fundamentalism. After citing examples of immense diversities in legal and laws relating to families in Muslim countries and contexts, the paper outlines various strategies used by activists to promote equality and justice in family laws and responses to situations in which existing rights are threatened. The paper concludes that the relative success of these strategies indicates that positive change is possible.
Balchin, Cassandra
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Musawah: equality in the family, Background Papers, (list of background papers on http://www.musawah.org/background_papers.asp; summary on http://www.musawah.org/docs/pubs/wanted/Wanted-CB-Summary.pdf)