Bad Jens aims to improve links between activists/academics inside and outside the country.
Association pour l'egalite devante la loi (APEL) organise une rencontre débat avec des responsables d'associations de femmes d'Algérie le 22 mars.
Sur Manooré FM, "la voix des femmes" sénégalaises, "pas de tabous, on parle de tout", sauf de "politique politicienne".
A national advocacy initiative targets the public, government officials, civic authorities, junior high and high school students, NGOs, and girls and young women at risk.
The CSW focused on: the participation and access of women to the media, and information and communication technologies; and women’s human rights and elimination of all forms of violence against women and girls.
L'International Human Rights Law Group a le grand plaisir de vous anoncer que le Mois de sensibilisation pour les filles et jeunes femmes a risque au Maroc.
Lors de la journée internationale de la femme 2003, nous vous invitons à vous impliquer avec des femmes de nombreux pays.
Well-meaning observers are making dangerous assumptions about Afghan women and their goals for the future. By Tamim Ansary (salon.com).

Based on the sharing that took place at the 1999 WLUML Outreach Strategies Exchange Programme meeting, this tool documents some of the network’s experiences of outreach and identifies the basic principles that underlie outreach activities – no matter how diverse the actual activities have been across the Network With the aim of inspiring experimentation and dialogue among groups conducting outreach activities, it shared strategies at both general and specific illustrative levels.

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