United Kingdom

Muslim women in Britain feel their views are being ignored because community leaders and male-dominated national Muslim organisations are failing to represent them, according to a recent government report.
For the past month a renewed debate about citizenship, religious freedom and gender hasbeen raging in Britain. Marieme Helie Lucas offers her perspective and throws down a few challenges to the "coward Left".
It is in all our interests to challenge those who wrongly claim to be speaking for Britain's minority communities.
A casenote on a recent House of Lords case on gender as a 'particular social group' under the 1951 Refugee Convention - including a striking dictum from Baroness Hale, the first female Law Lord.
A comment piece by Minette Marrin entitled, "Let us pray we have an end to faith schools."
All are welcome for a seminar on 26 October 2006 at Goldsmiths College, London on religious absolutism/antinomian lives.
It is astonishing that a Labour government has managed to lead the country into this religious quagmire.
Ashiana provides temporary, safe, supportive housing for south Asian, Turkish and Iranian women between the ages of 16-30 who are experiencing domestic violence as well as a safe house for young women between 16 - 25 who are at risk of forced marriage.
On the rightwing website Redwatch, hundreds of photographs of anti-war and anti-fascist activists are posted with the message that they will 'pay for their crimes'. Now some have been attacked. So why hasn't the site been closed down?
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