Anxiety has gripped women in Kenya's port city Mombasa after leaflets hit the streets telling them not to wear mini-skirts or other revealing clothes.
As France pushed ahead with its planned school headscarf ban, in Turkey the issue has been the subject of impassioned debate for more than 20 years.
An information clearinghouse on sexuality and sexual health and rights issues in Africa for researchers, organizations and advocates interested in these issues.
Why Muslim women and not simply women and sexuality?
This workshop aims to bring attention to issues of sexuality in interventions related to Muslim Women.
Who remembers the “cleansing campaign” under President Chadli, more precisely in 1982? When you went out for a walk with your girlfriend/boyfriend, you could not walk 2 steps without running into ‘gendarmes’ or policemen who demanded your marriage certificate, or if you could not produce it, would take down your identity. It [seems to have] started all over again just like in 1982, couples in search of some green in Tipasa (a small town on the West coast of Algiers) have been taken to the police station by gendarmes or municipal guards – What’s the crime? Walking hand in hand.
The new webpages provide information on studies undertaken by reformist and feminist Muslim scholars.

Control of women’s sexuality remains to be one of the most powerful tools of patriarchy in most societies. The essays in this volume show that the sexual oppression of Muslim women is not the result of an ‘Islamic’ vision of sexuality, but a combination of political, social and economic inequalities throughout the ages.

L'Association tunisienne des femmes démocrates (ATFD) a exprimé mardi sa "profonde inquiétude" face à "l'étendue que prend le hijab" (voile) en Tunisie et son "refus total de ce symbole qui est celui de l'enfermement des femmes et de la régression".
A movement, headed by South Asians, is taking shape to challenge the United Nations system to protect the human rights of gay minorities around the world.
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