A concise overview of the new legal status of women in Turkey in light of recent legal changes. Women see new gains across many areas ranging from domestic violence to political participation & from sexual rights to women's right to economic independence.
A delegation of Turkish MPs is visiting the south-east of the country as part of parliament's first research into "honour killings".
The government outlawed the practice of polygamy nearly a century ago. But Islamic custom can allow men to take up to four wives. In this devoutly Muslim region, it is estimated that nearly a quarter of all marriages are polygamous.
Thanks to international pressure, solidarity and support, Muyeser Gunes and the members of Mothers for Peace have been released.
WLUML has received a call for action from friends in Women in Black Leuven (Belgium) to demand the immediate release of Muyeser Gunes of the association Mothers for Peace and of the other members of the Peace Caravan held in Turkish prisons awaiting trial.
New publication from Women for Women's Human Rights (WWHR) - NEW WAYS detailing the success of two nationwide campaigns.
The study examines the common aspects of criminal laws in the Middle East & North Africa related to sexuality, providing a historical perspective & insight into the amalgamation of tribal, religious, colonial laws & their impact on modern codes.
WLUML has received a call for action from friends in Turkey following the recent Turkish Penal Code reform and urges you to respond.
An interview with Pinar Ilkkaracan from Women for Women’s Human Rights – New Ways.
Zuleyha Seker hardly seems like a rebel. But as one of 400 women preachers, known as vaizes, currently working in several of Turkey's state-run mosques, Ms. Seker is making waves.
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