Cette série sera consacrée aux origines historiques de l'Islam, à son expansion et son évolution dans différents pays ou régions d’Afrique. L'accent sera mis sur la diversité des contextes musulmans, qu'ils soient spécifiquement régionaux ou nationaux. Cette série tentera de rassembler la recherche et les écrits disponibles à la fois en Afrique et à l'extérieur, concernant les femmes et les communautés musulmanes, le rôle et l'attitude de l'état envers les autorités religieuses, les positions actuelles des mouvements sociaux islamistes, etc.
Le Monde - La messe est dite. Il n'y aura pas de référence à Dieu ni à une quelconque religion dans la future Constitution européenne.
At stake is not just women's rights, but Pakistan's future by Sherry Rehman.
Islamic activists in Multan, in the Pakistani province of Punjab, have threatened to burn down posters featuring images of women if city officials do not remove them within two days.
Muslim clerics in Iraq have been taking advantage of the political vacuum left by Saddam Hussein to try to impose their own strict version of Islam.
Mohammad Shehzad reports, "On a sunny Sunday afternoon I saw maulvis beating women outside the Faisal Mosque. Where is our country heading?"
Religious police who fined courting couples for holding hands in Malaysia were criticised by the government for being ‘overzealous’ yesterday.
Amina Lawal has had her appeal adjourned until 27 August 2003 as she seeks to overturn a conviction for adultery.

The increased labeling of diverse immigrant communities of Muslim background in Europe as having a common culture since they share a common religion is appearing as a dominant trend. Religion is becoming equated with “culture”.

Thanks to the massive postcolonial immigration that has taken place in recent years, France is today a state in which people are increasingly concerned with their collective identities as either “Maghrebi”/ ”Muslim” or “French”. It is important to see that this creation of politicized ethnic identities exists on both sides, not just that of the minorities. The core process of “ethnicization” involves linking a specific population to distinctive cultural characteristics. The collective control of female behavior and the use of feminine representations is central to this process.
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