The Zina (Enforcement of Hadd) Ordinance, 1979.
Article 37 introduces the recognition of the status of churches and non-confessional organisations and introduces an additional paragraph regarding a structured dialogue of the European Institutions with those churches and organisations.
Herat, just 120 kilometres from the Iranian border and the former centre of several glittering Central Asian civilizations, is now the site of a tense stand-off between Iran and the U.S.
It is not every day that I get a letter from the Death Cell, Central Jail, Rawalpindi in Pakistan.
In a landmark judgment last week, the Bombay High Court ruled that divorces between Muslim couples will now have to be "convincingly proved in a court of law under the civil procedure court and the Indian Evidence Act."
An Islamic court in northern Nigeria has sentenced a man to death by stoning for the crime of rape.
The fundamentalist Muslim government in a Malaysian state will ban women from wearing bikinis and from sharing swimming pools with men.
Many continue to wear the Burqa for personal safety.
The communal violence in Gujarat continues.
A court in Pakistan has suspended the sentence of stoning to death passed against a woman convicted of adultery.
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