[fund] promotion and application of religious laws

This article outlines how gender-based violence galvanized warlords' foes.
A rising moral vigilantism that has flared with the gradual implementation of Islamic law in Aceh has victimized women and the poor, according to the International Crisis Group.
In Damascus women who identify one another by the distinctive way they tie their head scarves gather for meetings of an exclusive and secret Islamic women’s society known as the Qubaisiate.
The United Nations has lodged a complaint after Muslim morality police in Indonesia's tsunami-ravaged Aceh province broke into a UN diplomatic compound and peered through windows at sleeping foreign diplomats.
Some 'Muslim leaders' have urged Ruth Kelly, the Secretary of State for Communities, to support Islamic family law in Britain to stop youths joining Islamic extremists.
Muslim men may wed non-Muslim women whereas Muslim women are, in theory, not allowed to marry non-Muslim men. Now Abdullahi An-Naim has published a book that takes a close look at Muslims and inter-religious marriages. Yogi Sikand has read it.
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