[fund] promotion and application of religious laws

Muslim leaders want to set up a separate Islamic court in Australia to deal specifically with Islamic divorces.
Les députés de l'Etat de Kano, dans le nord du Nigeria, ont voté une loi interdisant aux hommes et aux femmes de s'asseoir ensemble dans le bus, comme prévu par la charia, la loi islamique, rapporte ce vendredi le journal privé Guardian.
'Door is closed and will remain closed,' justice minister says. The Province remains Canada's only officially secular jurisdiction.
"Si on met un seul doigt dans l'engrenage, c'est tout le corps qui va y passer."
Personal status laws dictate that both husband and wife must attend court for a divorce to be granted, but the laws are often violated and men are handed separation without their wives' involvement.
A mob of angry villagers in Pakistan's North-West Frontier Province has killed a man accused of blasphemy, police say.
A strong NO to anti-marathon mania from the National Commission on the Status of Women (NCSW), Pakistan.
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