[fund] promotion and application of religious laws

This book is an impassioned case against the dominant Muslim view on the punishment for apostasy.
The Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW) expresses disappointment in Marion Boyd’s report on Ontario’s 1991 Arbitration Act - which the former NDP Government, with Ms. Boyd as a Cabinet minister made law.
The report released in December 2004 recommending the use of sharia law in Islamic family disputes in Ontario should send a shiver down the spines of women across the country.
On the 9 December 2004 an Upper Sharia Court in Ningi, Bauchi state, discharged and acquitted Daso Adamu of a death sentence by stoning.
Daso Adamu has been discharged and acquitted.
Feminist demands are routinely dismissed by religious conservatives as a ‘western’ ploy to promote dissension.
Une adolescente nigériane enceinte, condamnée à mort par lapidation pour adultère par un tribunal coranique, connaîtra son sort mercredi, après le jugement qui sera rendu par une juridiction d'appel islamique à Dass, dans le nord du pays.
Daso Adamu's case was argued on 3rd November 2004.
Hajara Ibrahim's case was argued on October 27th 2004.
More information about the cases of two women sentenced to death by stoning in Bauchi.
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