Egypt has embarked on a campaign to restrict the most conservative forms of Muslim dress after one Sheikh Mohammed Tantawi ordered a schoolgirl to remove her niqab, or veil.
Egypt elected the first Arab woman to parliament in 1957, but in the half century since, the most populous country in the Arab world has gone from being a leader in women's political participation to a lagger.
This law allocating seats for women in the People's Assembly has come after more than 25 years of women's numbers decreasing in the parliament.
En Égypte, le harcèlement sexuel est un phénomène extrêmement répandu mais dont on parle cependant très peu. Or, les choses semblent vouloir changer.
Karima Bennoune discusses the speech of President Barack Obama of 4 June 2009.
Marieme Helie Lucas asks, 'Where are women and secularists of Muslim countries in Obama's speech in Cairo?'
Marieme Hélie-Lucas demande, 'Où sont les femmes et les laïcs des pays musulmans dans le discours d'Obama au Caire?'
Zed Books have recently reissued four of Saadawi's books: Walking Through Fire, A Daughter of Isis, Circling Song and Searching.
La première section féminine des Frères musulmans, le Groupe des Soeurs musulmanes, a été créé en 1932. Malgré tout, les membres de la confrérie sont de plus en plus nombreux à s’inquiéter du manque de représentation des femmes.
The Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights says Misyar marriage is An Insult to Men and Women, and an Endorsement for the Trafficking of Women.
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