State control

The Gulf state of Oman has appointed a woman minister for the first time.
Emergency legislation used to suppress free expression.
Bétoule Fekkar-Lambiotte, 63 ans. Seule femme du Conseil français du culte musulman, elle vient de démissionner.
Islah’s political sector chairman Mohammed Qahtan announced that his party will not nominate women for the coming parliamentary elections in April 2003.
Due to the multi-ethnic and multi-religious population of Malaysia, a dichotomy exists between Muslims who are predominantly Malays and the non-Muslims. Article 3 of the Malaysian Constitution enacts that Islam is the religion of the nation. However as a provision in Clause (1) of Article 3, it is guaranteed by the Constitution that non-Muslim nationals would be free to profess and practise their own religions.
Ayant reçu le droit de vote en août 2002, les femmes de Bahreïn vont pouvoir participer à leurs premières élections législatives en mai 2003.
On 7th June 1988, the members of the controversially elected parliament of Bangladesh passed the Constitution (8th Amendment) Bill imposing Islam as the state religion of the country which broke away from another religious-based country - Pakistan - only 17 years ago. The four pillars of the Constitution of Bangladesh originally were nationalism, democracy, secularism and socialism. Secularism and socialism were dropped from the Constitution in 1977 to be replaced by ‘total faith in Allah’ and ‘social justice’.
After spending most of the past 18 months in prison, Egypt's most prominent advocate for democracy and human rights, Saad Eddin Ibrahim, has been freed by the country's highest criminal court.
Imams are learning about Dutch norms.
Une recente decision gouvernementale d'accorder aux femmes 30 sieges dans la prochaine Chambre des representants.
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