Violence against women

This report is part of a project to analyse and research discrimination and violence against women in the GCC countries. In July and August 2004, Amnesty International (AI) delegates carried out research in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and the UAE.
This toolkit aims to offer guidance to those seeking to establish legal justice for survivors of Gender Based Violence (GBV), as well as for those in settings where legal justice is not yet a possibility.
Dans cet Appel à l’action, le RMFDR insiste sur la responsabilité du secteur de la santé publique à fournir une prévention et des soins fondés sur l’approche des soins de santé primaires et qui soient centrés sur les femmes.
What is it about rape that the judiciary cannot restrict itself to delivering verdicts about the guilt of the accused, but makes observations on the complainant's behaviour, her moral character and her marriage prospects?
Un appel à une plus grande mobilisation pour combattre l'excision des femmes a été lancé à Tunis par plusieurs organisations non gouvernementales à l'occasion d'un séminaire maghrébin sur le thème "femmes et médias".
There is growing concern among Palestinian human rights workers after the killings of at least six young women in recent months. The murders are described in some quarters as "honour killings".
Activists, policy-makers, UN representatives, scholars & heads of NGOs from 40 countries gathered at Women's Learning Partnership's international symposium, "Leading to Change: Eliminating Violence against Women in Muslim Societies" in March in New York.
Changing laws is the easy part, changing attitudes is something else.
Afghan women protest at the silence and inactivity of the Afghan government regarding the recent killings in Baghlan (3 women raped and murdered for NGO activity), and in Badakshan (1 woman stoned to death).
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