Violence against women

Sections cover what to do if a student seeks help, is going overseas imminently, or what you should do if you suspect a student may be forced to marry.
L'assassinat, dans une banlieue de Berlin, d'une jeune femme d'origine turque qui avait rompu avec les traditions familiales, après un mariage forcé, provoque une vague d'émotion et relance le débat sur l'intégration des minorités musulmanes.
La secrétaire d'Etat mauritanienne chargée de la Condition féminine, Zeinebou Mint Nahah, a organisé dimanche, à Nouakchott, une journée de sensibilisation sur les violences faites aux femmes.
Traditional cultural practices are making it difficult for widows to re-marry of their own choice.
The National Council for Women has been one of the strongest advocates for legal reform that effectively promotes and upholds the rights of women throughout Egypt.
Predominantly male protesters carried banners pledging to stop acid throwing. The men, and some acid victims also present at the rally, called for greater government efforts to stop the practice.
Des femmes ont organisé une marche mardi dans le quartier commerçant d'Istanbul pour célébrer la trentième édition de la Journée internationale des femmes.
Police said they believed the women had been accused by a religious movement of being prostitutes, and were not killed for political reasons.
Nearly three years after violence erupted in the state of Gujarat in Western India those responsible continue to walk free.
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