Violence against women

Parce que nous voulons réaffirmer la liberté durement acquise des femmes à disposer de leur corps.
Stories from four women who are ethnically, educationally (culturally) and socio-economically apart and varied yet one common thread runs through their tales: these are women metamorphosing from victims to survivors to advocates of peace.
Women across the country commemorate February 12 as Pakistan Women's Day, in remembrance of the state's brutality against women who in 1983, protested against the Law of Evidence, which reduces the status of a woman witness to half that of a male witness.
Once again, a Pakistani woman has been subjected to rape and torture.
Through contextual Bible studies, the workshop is intended to develop practical and pastoral responses towards safety, justice and healing.
UNICEF, the Government of Djibouti and an international non-profit organization 'No Peace without Justice' are organising the meeting under the theme: "Towards a political and religious consensus against Female Genital Mutilation."
Le principal quotidien égyptien, Al-Ahram, a publié un dossier de trente pages, intitulé "La circoncision des femmes du point de vue de l'Islam", réalisé par le docteur Salim Al Awaa.
New guidelines are being issued for teachers advising them about the warning signs that a pupil is being forced into a marriage.
Son rapport souligne la forte dégradation intervenue ces dernières années et le manque de volonté politique.
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