Violence against women

Kvinnoforum, Suède, travaille depuis 2003 sur un projet relatif à la prévention de la violence envers les femmes et les fillettes dans les familles patriarcales.
Murder by any other name still smells foul. It is still murder.
An international conference on female genital mutilation has ended in Kenya with a fresh call to ban the practice.
Nous venons d'apprendre la mort de Samira Bellil.
"Je sais que l'excision est interdite, j'ai voulu rendre service", a simplement déclaré à la télévision Adama Barry les yeux embués de regrets après avoir excisé, cette semaine à Ouagadougou, seize fillettes de 2 à 10 ans.
Samira Bellil, whose book recounting gang rape she suffered as a teenager in a tough Paris suburb put her in the avant-garde of a small movement fighting for French Muslim women's rights, has died of stomach cancer. She was 31.
Pour la santé des femmes, pour la santé du monde: Non plus de violence
This project aims to help to end violence against women by making different groups of society aware of the danger of this phenomenon and its impact, not only on women but on the family and society.
Police in the west African state of Burkina Faso have arrested 14 people for carrying out female genital mutilation (FGM) on young girls.
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