A set of short chapters edited and introduced by Professor Haleh Afshar of the University of York (UK), and Deborah Eade, Editor of the international journal 'Development In Practice.'
A compilation of some of the planned activities of members and supporters of Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights 'Women's Access To Health' Campaign.
La Marche Mondiale des Femmes représente la volonté ferme de metre un terme à la pauvreté et la violence. Nous nous mobilisons, dans les cinq continents, sous une plate-forme revendicative commune de 17 points.
An unprecedented worldwide public education effort to raise public awareness about the devastating effect of the bishops’ ban on condoms, sponsored by Catholics for a Free Choice.
Discussion des ONG à la 48e Session de la Commission sur le Statut de la Femme (1-12 Mars 2004) : Rapport de 2 organisations de femmes (WEDO et CWGL) et du Comité des ONG sur le Statut des Femmes.
News of the recent completion of a successful Institute for Women’s Leadership and Training of Trainers in Kabul and the launch of an online Directory of Women Leaders from the Global South.
"Des mots et des faits: bilan des actions gouvernementales 10 ans après la Conférence de Pékin" revient sur les engagements pris et le travail restant à mener d'ici 2005.

This kit provides information on the existing processes and how NGOs can intervene/participate in the review - whether they choose to stay at home, participate in the UN processes or engage exclusively in the NGO events and forums.

"Inertia and sexism has plagued the response to HIV/AIDS and we will continue to lose vast numbers of women as a result."
Currently the ICC is undergoing an enormous recruitment process to staff the Court in preparation for it’s substantive work.
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