A summary of the presentation by Marieme Helie-Lucas at the workshop on Muslim women and sexuality at the 2004 World Social Forum.
Dedicated to women’s memories of resistance to war & nationalisms in the countries of former Yugoslavia, and to the activities of all women in the world who, in the context of transitional processes, oppose war, violence & discrimination.
The Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice has established an office in The Hague and is actively monitoring developments at the International Criminal Court (ICC).
Women’s peace initiative on the occasion of International Women’s Day
Marking International Women's Day.
International conference organized by Women in Black, Belgrade and the Women’s Center, Leskovac.
L'adoption au Maroc d'une profonde réforme du droit des femmes, dans un climat de consensus politique, constitue une rare exception dans un monde musulman où la condition féminine est l'objet d'un combat acharné entre modernistes et islamistes radicaux.
Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice (WIGJ, formerly Women’s Caucus for Gender Justice) has been established in The Hague.
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