A mahant from Varanasi and a mufti from Punjab came together on a common platform in Mumbai recently to jointly declare a holy war (jihad) against their respective co-religionists who preach hatred and perpetrate violence against innocent citizens.
We, the undersigned, represent a broad range of religious communities and organisations in India. We are drawn from Protestant, Roman Catholic, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist faiths and none.
Acts of Terror are acts of cowardice. Terror of the kind unleashed by eight bomb blasts in Mumbai's western railway line killing over 175 innocent victims need to be condemned unequivocally.
Sheikh Mohammed of Bhadrak district, Orissa in a drunken state pronounced triple talaq to his wife Najma Bibi, but next morning realised his mistake and decided to live with her and their three young children.
All India Muslim Women's Personal Law Board (AIMWPB) has severely castigated the attempt of so-called Majlis-e-shura of Bhopal to exorcise noted painter M.F. Hussain from Islam.
Exactly four years ago, Gujarat witnessed a state-sponsored genocide that culminated in the deaths of some three thousand Muslims and led to a complete breakdown of inter-community relations, the scars of which have still not healed.
"I am satisfied," commented Teesta Setalvad, the "judge has conducted the retrial in a fair and transparent manner."
India's Supreme Court has given the federal and state governments three months to enact legislation making it compulsory to register all marriages. The court said the public's views would be invited on the new legislation.
The Supreme Court’s directive for compulsory registration of marriages will be nothing short of a revolution. Whether it will lead to a corresponding social revolution in the protection of rights, especially of women and children, remains to be seen.
The seemingly ineradicable practice of child marriage in India will face new legal obstacles following a Supreme Court decision requiring marrying couples to register their age and consent with local authorities.
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