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A letter from WLUML contacts welcomes the inclusion of Yemen as the fourth member country of the Arab League to the ICC.

This Occasional Paper features recent activities of one of WLUML's networking organisations based in the UK. In addition, Dr Nadje Al-Ali is an active UK networker and Sundus Abass is an active networker in Iraq. In July 2006 Act Together, Women's Action for Iraq, hosted Sundus Abass, Director of Women in Leadership Institute, Baghdad, in London for 15 days.

Egalité Maintenant a demandé la révocation de tout magistrat qui ne serait pas prêt à faire appliquer les dispositions de la constitution afghane ou des instruments internationaux en matière de droits humains auxquels l'Afghanistan est partie.
A brief report of a conference on women's rights and personal status law recently held in Baghdad.
The new Constitution threatens to restore "Islamic Law" and with it a dismantling of the rights of Iraqi women.
Iraq's fractious ethnic and religious parliamentary groups have agreed to open debate on a contentious Shiite-proposed draft legislation that will allow the creation of federal regions in Iraq.
WLUML and the Women's Centre for Change recently organised the International Conference on Mechanisms and Legislation to Promote and Protect Gender Equality, with participants from South Africa, Australia, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Iran and Germany.
As part of a series of articles about the law and its amendments, exclusively published by Niqash, Dr. Faiza Babakhan, a lawyer and legal advisor for women’s affairs and a member of parliament, outlines her recommendations.
A study of the Iraqi Constitution and the international obligations of Iraq under CEDAW with specific relation to Article 39 of the Constitution.
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