[law] constitutions

In May, several Islamic Sunni groups and parliamentarians threatened to work against a draft bill, approved by the Kuwaiti government, which provides women with the right to vote and nominate in legislative elections.
Le 14 juin passé, l’Assemblée Nationale du Bénin a adopté le Code des personnes et de la famille contenant les articles amendés tels que la décision DCC 02-144 du 23 décembre 2002 de la Cour Constitutionnelle le spécifiait.
Kuwait's Cabinet approved a draft law allowing women to vote and run in parliamentary polls, moving them a step closer to full political rights they have sought for decades in the conservative Gulf Arab state.
The Bangladeshi parliament has amended its constitution to reserve 45 seats for women.
The Pakistan government's move to abolish five percent reservation for women in government jobs has evoked sharp criticism from activists and the opposition, which, recently introduced a bill demanding an increase in job reservations for them.
The biggest challenge facing women is how to make their opinions count in the new government.
Afghan journalist Shukria Dawi Barekzai is optimistic that 2004 will prove to be a turning point for women in her country.
Iraq’s proposed interim constitution fails to give adequate protection to women’s human rights.
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