"Furthermore, says AWN, investing in women builds security, and projects that fail to engage women are unlikely to succeed. In one case, women did not use a PRT-funded road because it led to a government center rather than clinics or schools."
"The number of women who dare to file for divorce and separation is very limited, and restricted only to Kabul and a few major cities," said Fawzia Siddiqui, a member of parliament.
Women in the western city of Herat are flocking to literacy classes, which are transforming their lives.
A statement from the Afghan Women’s Network on women's immediate security concerns.
Thursday was Mother's Day in Afghanistan, and from house to house went the call for women to gather in what some say is the first such public prayer event by women in Kandahar.
The murder of two female journalists in Afghanistan in the space of a week has brought home the risks that newswomen face in a country where women are not expected to ask questions.
La députée afghane Malalai Joya a été suspendue, lundi, pour avoir jugé l’Assemblée «pire qu’une étable».
Censure of Malalai Joya sets back human rights and the democratic process.
In the first quarter of 2007, Afghanistan's Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) reported more than 200 cases of violence against women.
After years of lobbying by networkers and activists, a standardized 'nikahnama' (marriage contract) has been approved, with the potential of curbing forced and child marriages.
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