On May 15-16, the International Development Law Organization (IDLO) held a technical workshop to provide a forum in which Afghan legal professionals could discuss how Afghan criminal law is applied in cases involving women.
Afghan women protest against the government decision to re-establish the Vice and Virtue Department.
On December 17, 2003, a 26-year-old woman named Malalai Joya joined hundreds of others in a large tent in Kabul, Afghanistan, to adopt a new constitution for their war-torn nation.
"War is the ugliest thing that people can experience," said Fatima Galiani, a courageous woman activist who has spent more than 25 years rebuilding ruined Afghanistan from a devastating war.
Women are denied positions of influence after recent cabinet and Supreme Court nominations.
This report from the Special Rapporteur on violence against women notes that despite some significant developments, the situation of women remains dramatic and severe violence against them all-pervasive.
According to the Defense Committee of Malalai Joya, on 14 April 2006, the staff of Malalai Joya's office in Farah province uncovered a plot planned by Joya's opponents against her.
Following close on the heels of the furore fuelled by the Danish cartoons another major controversy is now set to further complicate relations between the West and the Muslim world.
Malalai Joya is a member of the Afghan parliament which comprises mostly warlords and fundamentalists who are directly or indirectly involved in the gross violations of human rights in Afghanistan. They currently dominate new parliament using their guns, power, money and intimidation.
Malalai Joya is one of the most popular MPs in Afghanistan and has many a time taken stand against the ex-Mujahideen fighters who dominate the country's new assembly. But Ms Joya and many of her supporters fear she will be assassinated.
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