Elections to select representatives to the Loya Jirga traditional grand assembly that will choose Afghanistan's next government began on Monday 15 April.
Outcome of the Afghan Women's National Consultation, Kabul, 8 March 2002.
The report provides an overview of the situation of women and girls in Afghanistan with particular focus on the events since September 2001.
L'article original de Feminist Majority a été traduit pour ProChoix - Paris.
While reports of the Taliban’s involvement in the trafficking of Afghan women was long reported by Afghan refugees fleeing Afghanistan during the Taliban’s rule, more detailed and numerous accounts continue to emerge.
Rights and Democracy sends emergency aid for Afghan women.
Submission to the Tokyo conference on Afghan Reconstruction, 21-22 January 2002.
Sima Samar's vision for Afghanistan.
In solidarity with the Afghan women gathered in Brussels December 4-5th, women’s rights activists met in parallel session in Brussels to formulate support strategies for the implementation of the Brussels Proclamation issued by the Afghan Women’s Summit.
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