This paper by Farida Shaheed, produced for Dawn's Political Restructuring and Social Transformation Programme, outlines the spaces, strategies and contradictions arising from women's political involvement in South Asia.
Une coalition islamiste a imposé la charia dans la région du nord-ouest.
Pakistan and the United Kingdom have agreed to set up a body in each country to assist those seeking legal assistance relating to the wrongful and illegal removal of children.
Son père, feu Faiz Ahmad Faiz du Pakistan, était peut-être le poète le plus populaire et le plus talentueux du sous-continent. Salima, âgée de 47 ans, dit n'avoir «pas le don des mots», et pourtant, elle s'exprime mieux que bon nombre de soi-disant littérateurs. Tout comme son père, c'est une non conformiste en art et par l'esprit. De sa mère, elle a hérité la connaissance de soi et la confiance tranquille qui transcende toutes les barrières. Elle a un rire enivrant.
PPAD is a Peace and Alternative Development group formed in 1998 by academics, peace activists, intellectuals and professionals of Pakistani origin to work for peace, tolerance and alternative development in Pakistan.
WLUML has received news from allies in Pakistan's North Western Frontier Province that the Maulvis have declared a ban on NGO work in Frontier Regions of Bannu.
A religious alliance in Pakistan's Northwest provinces is ushering in strict new laws that threaten the rights of women and remind many of the Taliban.
At stake is not just women's rights, but Pakistan's future by Sherry Rehman.
Islamic activists in Multan, in the Pakistani province of Punjab, have threatened to burn down posters featuring images of women if city officials do not remove them within two days.
Mohammad Shehzad reports, "On a sunny Sunday afternoon I saw maulvis beating women outside the Faisal Mosque. Where is our country heading?"
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