The police arrested 13 women in a raid on a cafe in the capital, Khartoum, and flogged 10 of them in public for wearing trousers, one of those arrested said Monday.
Women’s and children’s rights activists in the Sudan protest the annulment of an article that prohibits FGM/C.
The international community must act immediately to resolve the political and humanitarian crises facing Sudan, said a panel of leading Sudan experts at a briefing here Tuesday, and ensure that any peace process formally include women’s input.
The expulsion of 13 aid groups from Sudan is more than a humanitarian crisis. It may reignite regional conflicts in the country – and beyond, say analysts.
Today’s call for the conference comes at a time of an increasing crackdown by Sudanese authorities on those perceived to support the ICC.
A law passed in November 2008 prohibiting female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) in the state of Southern Kordofan is unique in Sudan. But for it to translate into genuine abolition, deep-seated attitudes and misinformation will have to be overcome.
More than 35 young women wearing tight trousers have been arrested for "disturbing the peace" in south Sudan, police said on Tuesday.
Sanaa Awadkareem was forced into marriage and then disfigured with acid by her estranged husband.
Après les Emirats arabes unis et le royaume de Bahrein, c’est au tour de la République islamique du Soudan d’opter pour un week-end semi-universel.
The Irish Supreme Muslim Council speaks out against the verdict of guilt issued by a Sudanese Court against a British school teacher for allegedly 'insulting religion'.
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